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About Us

Spread Happy Cards

We have developed Spread Happy cards which contain positive messages.

Pass these out to family, friends and strangers to make them smile. 

These positivity cards help you spread happiness where ever you go!

Get Involved

Our Spread Happy cards are available to purchase so you can share the happiness. Visit the shop to find our different designs in a variety of pack sizes. 

Share your card on social media to spread the word about our project.

Pass your card on to someone else to make them smile.

Behind the Project

Spread Happy started off with the aim of making one person smile each day. 

Spread Happy began as an idea in 2017 and a year later, Spread Happy cards made their debut in London, UK.


We want to reach as many people as possible so to enable us to continue the project, please contribute by purchasing your own cards to share.

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